Business organisation and environmental protection for the success of your company

The special area of the Institute for Environmental Technology (IfU), of Dr. Kuehnemann and Partner, is the review and re-organisation of industrial operating procedures.

For many years we have been successfully combining the concerns of environmental protection with the organisational requirements of industrial, trade and service companies. Our specialists possess a broad and long-standing spectrum of experience. The constant aim of our consulting services is to increase the success of our client companies.

The spectrum of our activities ranges from classic consulting services to scientific and technical analysis and the development of new concepts. We also represent the interests of our clients in matters which involve government departments and organisations.

We can demonstrate the practicability and soundness of our own concepts, for example through our active participation in their implementation.

IfU works in close cooperation with a variety of other large and small organisations. This means that we are a competent partner for clients who are developing complex, large-scale projects.